Wrangling Colors and Shapes on a Screen

Established in 2017, Leftover Pixel is a game design and web development studio focusing on interactivity of all kinds

So, what can you do?

Areas of Expertise

Front-End Development

With almost a decade of experience building and maintaining front-end projects, Leftover Pixel provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to UI development.

• HTML / CSS / Javascript

• Photoshop, Sketch

• MVC Frameworks (Angular, Backbone)

• Advanced animations via jQuery

Game Design and Development

With a lifetime of gaming experience (that's no joke), and countless hours spent making games as a hobby, game development is the newest area Leftover Pixel aims to explore.

• Experience with Unity and Game Maker Studio

• MS degree with focus on UI, Graphics and Animation

• Bursting with design ideas

The Man Behind the Legend

Luke Parrott - Owner, Developer

Luke Parrott

Owner / Developer

By starting his career as an IT Professional before venturing into a variety of web development roles (while slowly pursing his MS in Computer Science), Luke has become an all-around helpful guy when it comes to solving technology problems.